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Interior Design a Luxury Service?


Why don’t you just call an Interior Designer?

Homes are among the most important places in LIFE! (Seriously….think about it) Despite this, many people hesitate or completely neglect to contact an interior designer for support for their homes.

Spending money toward making these incredibly significant spaces personalised for the way you live is a worthwhile investment, so why is Interior Design thought of as an unnecessary luxury?

I find thinking about Interior Design as an “unnecessary expense” especially difficult to understand given how readily we spend our hard-earned money on so many other extravagant things that have a much smaller or sustained positive impact on our lives and on our wallets.

Many people believe Interior Design is something that only the truly wealthy can afford. They think it is something that is not a necessity, and which adds no perceived value. A lost investment sort to speak.

But is it really? I’d like to put into question the notion of luxury as it pertains to Interior Design when in relation to other more common luxury goods.

Do a quick search on google and you’ll find that by definition, “a luxury is considered a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense”. I can’t deny the first part
of this definition in relation to Interior Design. The design of your home is certainly something that should provide both comfort and elegance…but what about the expense part?

To really evaluate how expensive Interior Design is, we need to see it in relation to other luxury goods and services we happily pay for. We need to talk about the other luxury’s we afford in life to clearly understand our relationship with premium goods and services and what luxuries are worth our hard-earned money.

Let’s talk about vehicles to start this off. In my mind, there is no denying that cars are a luxury. Of course, there is a counter-argument to say that a personal vehicle is a necessity! The truth is not everyone owns a car, and most of us can get from A to B via public transit, ubers, bicycles, taxis, etc. Basically, car or no car, we can get to where we want if we choose to. The “need” for personal transportation is not a requirement. Cars are in fact an expensive convenience which requires ongoing upkeep and maintenance as they depreciate. Don’t get me wrong, having a car is useful, comfortable nice….IT’S A REAL LUXURY!

What makes cars even more luxurious is that ANY car can fulfil the convenience of getting us to where we want to be, however, most of us choose to spend thousands more to upgrade our vehicle in model, class and features. Whether we buy a fiat 500 or a Ferrari, we choose to select special paint colours, leather seats and qualities that add to the look or performance of our car.

We are willing to spend on these extras so that the car’s comforts and look are personalised to us and reflects what we value.

No matter what you choose or how you upgrade the car; the vehicle itself is a luxury which (features or not), is nearly limitless on how costly it can be. Aside from this heavy expenditure, few of us spend as much time in our car as we do in our homes.

So why then are we so willing to fork out the extra thousands on a depreciating car rather than investing on our home?


I don’t know the answer regarding cars, but let’s investigate whether a vehicle is our only extravagance?

I don’t think so! How about holidays?

We often say, “I NEED a holiday”, but in no way is a holiday a need, no matter how well deserved.

Holidays are not a necessity; they are a luxury we gladly afford. At least once a year we happily lay down money for a short trip away to help with our wellbeing and to “get away from it all”. Many of us save for months to afford a bit of luxury, upgrading our seats, improving our view, going on expeditions. We count down the days to our 7-10 day getaway, spending on travel agencies, tour guides, new outfits, dog sitting services and airport transfers. The whole process takes months of careful and sometimes stressful planning and costs thousands in basic services and enhanced

Now, a little perspective. We spend thousands of pounds to get away from our homes, but we spend nothing on our homes, which are forever! A house should be your haven, and if it’s not; then I’d suggest there are some things to think about here.

Investments vs Expenses

All these luxuries we casually afford should make you question just how much of a luxury Interior Design services really are?

Interior Design is an amenity that can make your bedroom look like a hotel suite and your bathroom like a spa. It truly impacts your every day from function to feeling. This is not to mention that unlike a car or a holiday, the features you enhance help your home to gain value the more you add on.

Isn’t that what the stock market would call an investment?

By investing in your home, you have created an asset. The best type of asset! The type which offers you a daily dividend; both in enhancing your lifestyle and your bottom line!

How much of a great expense?

So back to the part of the definition where it states that “luxury is considered a state of great comfort or elegance, especially when involving great expense”.

How much of a great expense are we talking about here? What’s this service going to cost? I mean, if Interior Design is a luxury, do you have to give up your next car or holiday to afford it?

Can you afford it?

Well…to start with, if you can afford a car or a holiday, you can probably afford an Interior Designer!

And… a bit like saving for a car or a holiday, the answer is dependant on a few factors; and it’s up to you to nail them down. Basically, do you want to own the fiat 500 or the Ferrari? Are you going to the Maldives on holiday or staying at your Mum’s holiday home?

Answer your own question

Ultimately, only you can answer these questions, and you can start by looking at whether you can afford to make the wrong decision on your next sofa? Whether your sofa cost you £1500 or £15000, either way, it hurts to make the wrong choice.

So, make the right choice, and hire an Interior Designer.



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